Websites, Part V — Configuration vs Customization

This post follows up on the tech tip I recorded for Episode 266 of the Just the Books podcast. This continues the series about websites and how they’re made. This series is not intended to deeply explore the topic, the primary goal is to build a foundation for understanding how websites are put together, the tools that can be used, and how innovation is changing and advancing this topic.

Configuration is essentially a requirement for any webCMS application. To get the most out of your webCMS, take the time to customize. Doing so helps fill in the gaps, turning a stock application from almost right into a perfect fit. Oftentimes the 80/20 rule comes into play. However, customization may break when it’s time to preform an update, leading some companies to assume that it’s better to not upgrade, which may cause many other problems.

Basic WordPress Resources:

  • Famous 5 Minute Install instructions for WordPress.
  • WordPress Basics, become familiar with the platform and make sure you configure the site to your needs.
  • Learn how to extend and customize WordPress with themes and plugins.

Additional References:


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