Two steps to help secure your business technology

Cybersecurity is something you know is important for your business, but it’s easy to get overwhelmed. When you’re a solo or micro-business, it’s difficult to know where to turn for help. I was happy to learn this week that the Global Cyber Alliance has created a toolkit specifically for small businesses such as yours. Its goal is to help reduce your risk by 85%.


They developed toolboxes to help guide you through the process, without becoming overwhelmed.

Over the next few weeks I’ll walk you through them and help you to complete the different parts of the process.


It’s very easy to say you’ll take care of something later. I hope this nudge will help you set aside small manageable parts of time and complete the process and protect your hard working business.

Let’s begin: Know what you have

It is easy to get started. This module pairs well with my three tips to start your tech documentation.

Two things to do this week:

Set aside two time slots to work on this. I believe that 30-minute sessions are ideal.

  1. Identify and write down the different devices (hardware)
  2. Identify and write down the applications (software)

that your business relies on every day. Don’t forget things like your off-site web server, twist or slack, social media accounts, and other items such as door-access cards.

You don’t need to use the inventory tools provided, especially if you are a solo or micro business. In those cases, it’s probably easier to keep track of everything with a spreadsheet. Once your business includes about 25 individuals with unique technology needs, my experience is that a more robust tool will help you.

Next steps

In the coming weeks we’ll do the work on securing your devices and software. Where relevant, I’ll also explore what’s changed for businesses over the past few years.