Two-steps to add security in your digital life

Two-step authentication is in the news again following this week’s hacking of The AP’s twitter account. Two-step authentication adds an extra layer of security making your online accounts more secure. It requires you to gain access to applications (or websites) by requiring both something you know (password) and something you have (in most cases, your phone or even a fingerprint). Only when these two steps are used together will you unlock access to your account. As passwords are becoming increasingly ineffective, multi-factor authentication is gaining ground as a solution. Google offers a clear tutorial explaining what it is, how it works, and how two-factor authentication protects you. Many popular services offer it and the list is growing daily. Below is a list of a few I think are most relevant for PennyWise Consulting clients today.


Lifehacker article from December 2013 provides an updated list of services that offer two-step.