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tips for when focus is a struggle

Try as we might, it’s difficult to find focus every day. Some days are more susceptible to focus challenges than others. My focus this morning wasn’t good at all. Here are three tips I used today to get some work completed, including this post!

Tip One : Work on the Small Tasks

There are always small tasks that only take a few moments that I put off. When I’m struggling to focus I work on a few of these. This serves two purposes: first, it allows me to cross items off my list and continue to move forward and second, the items are in short bursts so they work with my fractured attention span, not against it.

Tip Two : Hydrate

It’s taken me years to admit that I’m almost always dehydrated. When I find myself distracted, I check if I’ve had anything to drink recently. This study on what’s best for hydration makes me feel better about not always reaching for another glass of water.

Tip Three : Rewrite the list

Sometimes the process of rewriting the tasks on my list, even in the same order helps me find a thread of focus I can grab onto. Often it’s on a fresh page so it is a reset to my day.

stock photo image of a messy desk

I hope these three tips help you the next time you’re struggling to find focus.