Tech Management Series: First Questions for a Non-Profit Web Project

Figuring out where to begin is one of the greatest challenges when starting or revising a website.

Non-Profit organizations often feel this more strongly than others that I work with for many reasons, such as volunteers coming and going, limited budgets, and the issue that faces all of us, not enough time in the day.

To that end, I’m releasing a FREE 2 page PDF worksheet that will start to guide non-profit organizations in organizing their thoughts as they sit down to plan a new website or revise an existing one.

This worksheet includes some of the questions I ask my non-profit clients. I don’t ask millions of questions in a long drawn out planning meeting. I find those are rarely useful. We’ll circle back to these questions again.

The first page is for the Big Picture. Why do you want a website? What does your ideal website do? What are a three sites you like?

The second page delves a bit deeper into specifics that are useful to know about early on in the planning process.

If you aren’t a non-profit organization, I think you will find this PDF useful. I will be releasing one tweaked for small crafts businesses in the near future.

Free Non-Profit Website Questionnaire — November 2011 update: Please contact me if you are interested in a copy of this Questionnaire. I’m changing how I manage the delivery of this. Thank you.