Recent Tech Stories of Interest

I read a great many things during the day. I thought it would be fun to occasionally share some of the interesting sites I find, and some technology-related news stories that made me pause long enough to read them all the way through.

Seth Goldin’s email checklist — it’s a list of good things to keep in mind before you hit send.

Appointment Slots in Google as soon as I get a chance to work with this new feature, I hope to turn it on for clients. I’m not yet sure how I’ll use it, but we’ll see.

Fake anti-virus scams are still happening. If you aren’t sure if a site/link should be trusted, feel free to contact me and send me the link. My tutorials in the Info and Tech Literacy series will show ways to work through an unknown site.

Hacking Epidemic: No Joke, Lock Down Your Gmail Now
A friend had her Yahoo account compromised on Monday. Her elderly Aunt wired money before she could contact her and let her know it wasn’t true. I had a flurried email exchange with my mother so that she wouldn’t also try to send money to help out. I assured her that said friend was definitely okay and that emailing her to see if everything was all right wouldn’t really help much. I’m working with my friend to help repair the damage and prevent future occurrences. I hope to get this literacy series together soon!

To end with something completely different and hopefully upbeat: as I work on my garden, I have found this new site plant lust to provide a super simple way to find information about plants.