conference table stren with notes, post-its, pens

plans for a world turned upside down

First things first: Black lives matter. I found How to be an Antiracist (library availability) as well as Me and White Supremacy (library availability) to be two good places to start learning. I’m reading The Torture Letters (library availability) to better understand how we arrived at current events.

My experience is that during national/global crisis large organizations tend to receive attention while smaller groups struggle to be heard, so please try to donate to local nonprofit organizations. The health crisis has decimated nonprofit funding. I choose to support that provide mental health services (such as Cluster).

If you want to create lasting change in your community, fill out the census and remember to VOTE. If you attend a protest, please wear a mask (and bring hand sanitizer). There are online resources to learn how to protect both yourself and your technology in this new age of Covid-19.

Still here? If you’ve lost track of time (who hasn’t?), it’s now officially Hurricane Season in the Atlantic. It’s only early June and we’re already on the third named storm. Does your disaster plan reflect the new reality of business life in 2020? I’m working on an update for our new realities and expect to release this revision in a few weeks.

While the world has turned upside down this year, we can work together to find practical technology solutions for your small business.