When your world is turned upside down, you often make unexpected discoveries of strength and resilience. The past two months saw me assisting my mother in continuing to heal, to grieve, and to begin her next chapter. In addition to the chaos of moving her 90 miles away from where she had lived almost her entire life, I was her caregiver which meant coordinating her medical care with completely new doctors, while continuing to work as much as possible on my own businesses.

It’s not been an easy two months, nor have I met every deadline. I need to thank every client for being completely understanding during this time.

I discovered three things:

First, my most popular post How I work – Why I photograph my morning cup of coffee kept me going, and I don’t only mean all the caffeine I’ve consumed! (Though it helped.) Having the habit, the morning ritual, it helped me pause, focus, and reflect. Giving me the strength to make it through stressful days.

Second, having documentation is important for your business and your personal life. I had to build my mother’s medical history and attempt to get paperwork quickly from her former physicians. I built what I could as quickly as possible and worked with every doctor we met with to fill in as much of the puzzle as possible.

Third, I like creating order from this sort of chaos.

What does that mean?

I will teach and share the methodology I use to find order in that chaos known as life. There will be worksheets, tutorials, tools, and eventually workshops. Want personalized attention? Yes, I will continue to offer one-on-one consulting.

It’s a project of PennyWise Consulting, and I’m calling it pen at work: prioritize · evaluate · negotiate, a PEN is all you need.

I do find it amusingly ironic I’ve not yet been able to launch and officially offer my services in this area, but I’m working toward that. I hope you’ll sign up to be the first to know when I launch.

What does that mean for my current clients? I’m not going anywhere. At least not right yet.