Net Neutrality, 2017 edition

Today is the Day of Action for Net Neutrality. It was last up for debate in 2014 and ultimately the FCC ruled to preserve it.

However, that was then.

It’s a whole different world today.

Why do I care? Why should you?

Net Neutrality is incredibly important for small business owners. It’s expensive enough to develop and maintain your website.

What if you had to pay even more to make sure your customers could access it? Currently ISPs can’t play favorites with specific websites making some fast and others slow (or even blocked). Nor can they make the website owners pay extra fees to ensure access.

Yes, there are other additional factors that might make a specific site slow (and if that’s true for your business site, let’s talk) however net neutrality makes sure that potential customers get to your site at the same speed no matter their ISP. What happens once they get there, that’s up to you.

What can you do?

There are three simple things you can do.
1. Learn.
2. Make your voice heard.
3. Spread the word.

Really! It’s easy!

Learn about Net Neutrality



Make your voice heard

John Oliver registered which redirects to Then click +Express to leave your comment.

Here are some other tools that NYPL gathered to make it easy to send letters to the FCC:


Help spread the word

Go to your favourite social media and search for #NetNeutrality and share ! Send an email to your mastermind group. Call your cousin.

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