How I work – Why I photograph my morning cup of coffee

It doesn’t matter which planning system you choose, it will only work if used consistently. This is true whether the system is analog or digital.

In the analog domain, a closed notebook isn’t helping you as a planning tool.

How do you get to making yourself use it consistently? Create a habit.

The key to my habit is to start off my weekdays by opening my log book and documenting the start to the day. I post that photo to instagram — fair warning the feed is full of photos of my daily making and my cats (and very often both at once)!

My trigger of sitting down sleepy eyed at the table with a mug of something warm prompts me to take a photo of my mug and my open planner. That in turn results in my using my system throughout the day and week.

The use of triggers to create a habit is not anything new, Charles Duhigg discusses it in his book, The Power of Habit and serendipitously James Clear wrote about this very topic earlier this week in The 5 Triggers That Make New Habits Stick.

What trigger might you choose to develop a habit of using your system more consistently?