Shadow, a black cat, with paw on laptop

A Kitten’s Guide to Getting Things Done.

  1. Do the most important task of the day first and also eat breakfast.

  2. Communication is key. Secrets derail projects.

  3. A clean and organized workspace helps you focus on what’s important.

  4. Take time to exercise and stretch. Don’t sit in one spot all day!

  5. Naps are good.

I volunteer with my local humane society and foster kittens. I’m more productive when I have extra furry little ones in the house. They remind me to take short breaks for food, fun, and snuggles.

If you are interested in helping your local animal rescue organization, I suggest first reading this great list of 25 tips. Donations of cash are always appreciated, but so are gifts of your time — volunteer to walk a dog or socialize a cat. Wish list items such as newspapers, sheets, towels, canned and dry food, and litter are also really appreciated especially by my humane society. Of course, you can also adopt!

I have a soft spot for black cats, my Shadow is thankful we found each other and that last year we adopted his kitten. Next week is Black Cat Appreciation Week at New Rochelle Humane Society. Please help spread the word!