photos of trees and sun

caring for changes

When there is a new exciting change in your life it’s very tempting to try to say yes to everything… or no. How do you find that balance which ensures you are taking on new challenges and growing, yet also not wallowing in overwhelm or setting yourself up for burnout? When you pause and ask around, chances are everyone will say make sure to take care of yourself and practice self care. I know because I’ve said that too.

It took me a long time to understand the concept–perhaps it is something we can thank millenials for. I remember even only 15 years ago at an office the hushed tones of judging when someone took a “mental health day”. I can’t say what a large office environment is like today, but I know my own personal attitude has shifted.

Self care should be done regularly. I try to set it officially into my daily schedule–even 15 minutes can do wonders.

I’m adjusting to my revised schedule of new projects and a larger (read: more visible) role, it’s been a trying week. The positives outweigh the bumps. Yesterday began with impressive thunderstorms and today a heat advisory. While I can sit inside with the AC and crochet some beautiful cashmere, I like to be outside as much as possible. This morning before it was too hot and humid I took a notebook outside, sat on the deck, and drafted this post to the beautiful accompaniment of birdsong. Would it have been easier to stay inside and type it directly? Yes, but I found the short time I sat outside refreshing and it has helped me focus all day.

photos of trees and sun