Accessibility Statement

One of my goals is for small business technology to be accessible to everyone.

It’s an ongoing process to meet that goal. I won’t always get it right. I hope that you’ll contact me and let me know how and where I need to improve to make this site useful for you.

Here are a few ways I’m working to improve accessibility for the PSG Studio website:

  • Image Alt Tags – I try to add descriptive and relevant alt tags to images included in posts. Older posts may not include this information and I’m bringing the entire site up to date. Most photos are added to make the index and archive look more attractive; they are not directly relevant to understand the content.
  • Descriptive Link Text – The goal is for links to be relevant and not repetitive when accessed with adaptive technology. If they link to non-html content, I try to include that somewhere in the text, e.g., for PDF documents.
  • Removing embedded content – This is a convenient feature of WordPress, but rarely accessible and contradicts my views on browser privacy and tracking. As I discover it in older posts, remove it.
  • Plain Language Content – I am a fan of clear writing, also known as Plain Language. I am working on editing everything to be clear, specific, and direct. My goal is to write at a Flesch reading ease score of 60-90 and reducing passive voice when possible.
  • Pass WCAG 2.2 Level AA Criteria – The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines are one way to ensure this site is technically accessible. It’s important not only to pass the criteria tests but understand them. To that end I subscribe to WCAG of the Day emails to keep learning. I hope to eventually bring this site to Level AAA conformance.

Last updated: 26 April 2022