3 ways to use the planning grid

I admit that my planning grid can feel overwhelming at first. It’s not a blank page, but it is a blank grid. Today’s post will share three ways I use the grid and how I’ve found it helpful in each instance.

Content Calendar

I turn the page 90°, and across the top I list the various websites I write for. The rows are for each week, and this allows me to record two months worth of content planning. This helps me see if there is content I can use on more than one site and help me see at a glance the shape of my content.

planning grid as content calendar

Week plan

Across the top I list the days of the week, and each row becomes a main topic. Sometimes in the last column instead of writing daily routine tasks instead I write what is upcoming the following week. This helps me see where I’m over or under committed and help plan for upcoming deadlines.

planning grid as week plan

Time Blocks

Yes, this is similar to the week plan. Instead each row is a block of two hours. I purposely don’t schedule lunch or dinner here, it helps me to remember that these are times for me. Time blocks help me focus and to keep my day balanced.

planning grid as time blocks

Other ways to use the planning grid

I hope these three ideas help you decide how to use this helpful too. There are many other uses too — monthly review, menu planning, a bingo grid, reviewing software, and more.

How will you use yours?